Miracle: I called Toni months back and asked her to have you and Frank keep this young lady who was pregnant in prayer. She was in a very delicate state and was on the verge of having the baby before time. My Doctor (DR. Sara Morales) asked me to reach out to you and Frank so that you two could help keep her in prayer. This young lady happens to be Silva’s daughter ’n’ law. The doctors had told her that she would have to have the baby C-section but a day after the retreat, this young lady had a natural birth and her baby was born healthy, thanks to God and to your prayers.

Miracle: She had a black bump, large in size on her elbow. She said that her husband insisted that she go to the Doctor to get medication but God healed her the day of the retreat. As she was on her way home, she noticed that she no longer had the bump. She went to her husband and told him that the Lord had healed her. She wanted to let her husband know what God had done because her husband didn’t believe in God all that much, so she testified to her husband the miracle God had performed.

On January 13, 2012 a young teenage name Haley from southern Calif had an aneurysm and went into a coma. Prayer was requested to the team ministry for her recovery because it was diagnose late and taken to hospital. Praise the Lord! today January 19, 2012 word came that she has opened her eyes, moved her thumb when asked and raised her eyes brows. Praise the Lord for the Miracle working power!!!

A lady at the Nov 4, 2011 Woman’s Conference in Mexicali was called for prayed for her not to be concern about her situation that she was going to be fine and to trust the Lord. After the Conference she had a test that proves to be positive of a cancers tumor. A month later she went to La Jolla, California to remove the tumor and the doctors could not find evidence of cancer from the tumor, God heal her even before the operation. Praise the Lord for the good report in all things

On the Mexicali trip a man came to the church meeting with unbelief of the power of the Holy Spirit. He believed that when people would fall under the power of the Holy Spirit that people were acting in faults pretends. But, when Helen prayed for him he went under the power of the Holy Spirit. When he got up for the floor he now believed in the power of the Holy Spirit and was now convince of Power of the Holy Spirit because he was KO in the first round, The Holy spirit! He is now on fire for God.


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